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IBM'S Quantum Computing Power Has Doubled Again


IBM'S Quantum Computing Power Has Doubled Again

IBM announced at ces2020 that its latest 28 bit quantum computer, Raleigh, has achieved the company's goal of doubling the quantum volume (IBM named its system after the city). Raleigh's quantum sales this year increased from 16 last year to 32. Raleigh borrowed the improved hexagon lattice connectivity structure from the 53 bit quantum computer of IBM, which has the improved coherence property. According to IBM, lattice connections have an impact on reducing gate error and crosstalk exposure.

Since 2017, IBM has doubled the quantum volume of its system every year, when it first demonstrated the quantum volume of 4 with its five bit computer, tenerite. In 2018, 20 digit Tokyo obtained 8 quantum quantities, and last year, 20 digit IBM Q system one (called Johannesburg) obtained 16 quantum quantities. Increasing quantum capacity every year is an important goal for both IBM and the whole quantum computing industry. Last year I wrote a more detailed description of quantum volume, which you can find here.

The larger the quantum volume is, the more realistic and complex the problems that quantum computers may solve, such as those explored by the IBM quantum network organization.

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