Welcome to Sunny Quantum Co., Ltd.!

China Reliable Quantum Communicate Equipments Supplier & Quantum Security Solution Provider.

Welcome to Sunny Quantum Co., Ltd.!

China Reliable Quantum Communicate Equipments Supplier & Quantum Security Solution Provider.

Finest Quantum Manipulation

SunnyQuantum has been making intensive research on manipulation technologies for generation, modulation, transmission, switch, reception, and detection on quantum state of light etc. It has developed precise and high-speed decoy-state photon source, low-noise switching equipment for quantum channel, high efficiency low-noise photon detection technology, as well as quantum state protection technology in terminal and channel robust to disturbance. It takes the lead in development of gigabit level of repetition rate in quantum generation, modulation, demodulation, detection etc. It has been continuously improving quantum channel capacity to make practical and engineering applications become possible.




Advanced Channel Multiplexing

As far as channel multiplexing technology of quantum and classical optical communication is concerned, the main problem is mutual crosstalk. Quantum channel and classic channel multiplex the same optical fiber, which needs to be carefully designed and optimized for avoiding and suppressing disturbance of classical strong light on the single-photon level quantum channel. Due to Raman scattering, Brillouin scattering and other physical processes, part of classical strong light stays within wavelength range of the quantum signal, and cannot be completely eliminated. Joint testing carried out in commercial optical fiber by SunnyQuantum, optical transmission equipment manufacturers and telecom operators has proved that solution provided by SunnyQuantum is workable and successful. Single optical fiber multiplexing is feasible among quantum key distribution system and OTN, MSTP or other optical transmission system, which significantly reduces overheads for optical fiber resources, and supports any universally applicable deployment scenarios.



Convenient Application Interface

The newly-launched of an open platform product that coherent the industrial chain ----- Quantum Safe Service-Mobile Engine (QSS-ME)

Tailored for different needs, QuantumCTek can either provide customizing system, or jointly develop application system tightly coupled with business demand. Therefore it will make every effort to bridge any gap between quantum information technology and practical application system, and offer industry users with integrated and complete application platforms.



Reliable Products and Services

SunnyQuantum has a systematic line of products for quantum secure communication, divided into various family series according to application scenarios and performance specifications, and covers comprehensively on demands for access, convergence and backbone network. The quantum secure products have achieved industry leading performance for key specifications. Smooth upgrade and continuous value-added services are provided to customers through iterative for later stages.

SunnyQuantum provides systematic and reliable solutions for quantum secure communication that have experienced the most extensive and in-depth testing and promoting. The served sectors cover very extensively.




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