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Up-conversion Single-photon Detector

The APCS-U series is practical frequency-conversion single-photon detectors based on periodically poled lithium niobate (PPLN) waveguides, with many advantages such as high detection efficiency, low dark count rate and no refrigerant requirement. They also possess plentiful operational functions including configurable multi-channel output, adjustable detection efficiency, friendly user interface, optional PC remote control, etc.

  1. All-fiber optical device
  2.  Telecommunications band input and customized wavelength
  3.  High detection efficiency
  4.  Low dark count rate
  5.  Core device with independent research and development
  1.  Quantum cryptography and quantum communication network
  2.  Quantum optics and scientific experiments of quantum information
  3.  Single-photon laser radar
  4.  Fluorescence detection
  5.  Other applications in weak pulsed light or single-photon detection
signal wavelength1550nm
detection efficiency25%


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