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Two-photon Interference Experimental System

The Two-Photon Interference Experimental System is an expanding experiment system which is on the strength of the miniaturized BBO crystal entangled source developed by QuantumCTek. The experiment will produce interference phenomenon based on the Hong-Ou-Mandel effect and the indistinguishability of two photons, therefore the experiment scheme can be used to inspect the optical path and the degree of indistinguishability of two photons. 

The experiment system has advantages of little size and good maneuverability, and is convenient for researchers to comprehend the experiment principle of Hong-Ou-Mandel interference in practical operation. Besides, more expanding scientific research work could be carried out on this platform, such as ranging, photon coherence verification, etc.

  1.  Portable design and miniaturization
  2.  USB software data processing
  3.  Good maneuverability and expansibility
  1. Two-photon interference equipment sets
  2. Upper computer software


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