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Quantum-secure Encryption Router

Quantum-secure Encryption Router is a high-confidentiality quantum security product combining QKD technology with classic communication technology. It adopts the best-in-class hardware platform and software architecture, and introduces quantum key distribution technology, to provide an intelligent and flexible platform for information-theoretically secure communication.

  1. Secure and reliable, high confidentiality of information transmission
  2.  Strong performance, no bottleneck for network access
  3.  Multifunction to reduce user's investment
  4.  Flexible extension, smooth upgrade 
  5.  Easy maintenance, fast network deployment
  6.  Green and energy saving, bring a nature and serene network
  1. Access gateway / exit gateway
  2.  Headquarters branch access
  3.  Industry vertical network convergence / access
  4.  Operator DCN supporting scenarios
  5.  Financial network access
  6.  Government and industry branch access
 This series of products contains four models: EQR 2000-2、EQR 2000-4、EQR 3000-8、EQR 3000-12
 EQR 2000-2EQR 2000-4EQR 3000-8EQR 3000-12
key refresh rate100times per second
fixed interface2GE combo+4GE2*GE combo+4*GE RJ45 . 4*GE combo+2*GE RJ45/
encryption algorithmnational encryption algorithm, general algorithm
encryption performance1Gbps2Gbps4Gbps>12Gbps
IPSec tunnel number512


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