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Quantum SSL VPN

Quantum SSL VPN product is a high- security quantum security product, combining quantum security communication technology and SSL VPN technology. The product is the world's first quantum SSL VPN launched by QuantumCTek and SANGFOR, with quantum key protection, comprehensive security, fast access and other features. 

  1.  Quantum high security protection: Quantum key to achieve access authentication and business protection; The key protection level can guarantee at least one-business one-encrypted
  2.  Comprehensive security features, multi-dimensional protection of user data security; Identity security; Terminal security; Transmission security;  Application authority security; Audit Security
  3.  Fast features, layer by layer to protect users access: Link; Transmission; Data; Application
  4.  Easy to use: Full support for mainstream operating systems; Full support for mainstream browsers; Full support for the mainstream mobile intelligent terminal access
  5.  Excellent manageability: User group management; Administrator permissions grading; User traffic management; Independent log center;
  1. Mobile office or work
  2.  Mobile e-government
  3.  Mobile payment
  4.  Mobile terminal data protection
product features
key typequantum key
key update frequencyone-business one-encrypted
the number of concurrent usersup to 25,000
the number of new users per secondup to 1,000
power supplyredundant power supply


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