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Quantum Key Management Machine

Quantum Key Management Machine is a highly integrated product, which has functions of quantum key distribution control, key management, key relay and optical switch controlling.

The Quantum Key Management Machine cooperates with the key generation control of the quantum key management service system, which can control the optical switching and the quantum key distribution process under its jurisdiction. It also cooperates with the relay routing of the quantum key management service system, which obtains the key relay routing table and completes the key relay process to achieve quantum key distribution networking.

The Quantum Key Management Machine adopts the "XOR relay" security enhancement technique to achieve the "one-time pad" encryption storage and caching of key, which solves the problem of key leakage caused by network intrusion. The products are 19-inch 4U standard rackable enclosure, and suitable for the engine room environment. 

  1. Multi-channel QKD control
  2. Key management of trusted relay nodes in metropolitan quantum-secure communication network
  3. Multi-application support
  4. Comprehensive security protection
  1. QKM-T500: High-level performance,For the backbone access station, relay station and metro control station, trusted relay nodes
  2. QKM-T501: All functions are consistent with the QKM-T500, except that there's no key output function 
  1. Network building of the access nodes and relay nodes in backbone quantum-secure communication network
  2. Network building of the trusted relay nodes and user nodes in Metropolitan quantum-secure communication network
maximum number of concurrent key relay2000
maximum number of quantum gateway accesses32
maximum number of application device connections2000
maximum key storage space32GB


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