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Quantum Imaging Based on Double-slit Experimental System

Quantum imaging is a new cross-disciplinary science, which arouse intense scholarly interests and it focuses on quantum information and imaging optics. It aims to enhance imaging capability by orders of magnitude in the fields of biological science, information technology and national defense and military. Different from conventional imaging technology that directly record the signal strength, quantum imaging would distill the relevant intensity information based on the quantum correlation attributes of the photon pairs to realize ghost imaging.

Quantum imaging experiment system is based on the specific correlation to record the quantum fluctuation. The experiment system can be realized by utilizing the correlation of the photon pairs generated through SPDC process. A beam of photons without spatial resolution can be regarded as a measurement arm, and the other one can be regarded as a scanning reference arm. Because of the correlation between the photons, the information in the measurement arm can be imaged simultaneously in the reference arm through the imaging lens. The final quantum imaging result will be presented on the PC software interface synchronously.

The experiment system has advantages of little size and good maneuverability, and is convenient for users to master the experiment principle of quantum imaging in practical operation. More expanding scientific experiments could be carried out on this platform, such as super-resolution imaging, reconnaissance detection, etc.

  1. Miniaturization 2.PC software with GUI
  2. Good maneuverability and expansibility
  1. Quantum imaging equipment sets
  2. PC software package


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