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Quantum Cryptography Experiment System(tabletop type/ plateau type)

Quantum Cryptography Experiment System is a basic education and scientific research system which is based on quantum key distribution BB84 protocol(Customized for B92 protocol and SARG04 protocol). It completely realizes the essential software and hardware environment of the whole quantum key distribution, including preparation, transmission and detection of quantum states, algorithm realization of quantum cryptography protocol and generation and storage of key. Meanwhile, it provides encryption and decryption interface for upper layer to experiment and demonstrate the application of practical quantum cryptography.

It adopts PC's application software to realize post-processing of quantum key distribution and the original key data uploads by net interface and USB interface. By a well-defined programming interface, users realize a new post-processing algorithm and test. Meanwhile, it configures and reserves original key data and middle processing data to off-line analysis. Software also provides demonstration function of picture encryption and decryption to make users familiar with practicality of quantum key distribution.

The method, inner set of optical path, increases system stability greatly, makes it more simplified, and then makes the experiment of multiple node networking simplified too. 

  1. Oriented education and scientific research
  2.  Point-to-point quantum key distribution
  3.  Decoy state(optional)
  4.  MPC/EPC(optional)
  5.  Good maneuverability, well experimental
  6.  Software realization of post-processing algorithm
  7.  Secondary exploitation
  1. Quantum key distribution education
  2.  Quantum key distribution experiment
  3.  Quantum cryptography encrypted application
  4.  Application and test of fiber devices
  5.  Quantum cryptography post-processing algorithm research
protocol typeBB84、B92、SARG04(optional)
signal optical wavelength850nm
communication distance>500m
signal optical frequency≥1MHz
synchronous optical wavelength1310nm
synchronous optical methodInitiative Synchronous
detecting gate-width10ns
dark count rate≤150Hz @ 10ns
signal way count>3000
polarization holding time1~2hours
error rate<5%
code generation rate>3kbps


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