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Quantum keys Charger (QKChr) is a filling station of the resources of quantum keys. It is safe and trusted for QUKey, QTCard and other secure media to access the quantum networks through QKChr and updates the resources of quantum keys which will escort the quantum mobile security

QKChr acquires quantum keys from KM in real-time through a dedicated communication interface, performs charging by using local USB, Micro SD, etc. at the same time. With rich interfaces, QKChr can be smoothly connected to diverse systems and platforms, meeting the requirements of quantum key charging in various application scenarios

  1. Mobile Desktop Terminal, convenient handy deploying
  2.  With "hardware KEY combined with PIN code" network access authentication, access device legitimacy authentication, quantum key encryption transmission and other multiple security guarantees
  3.  Support wander quantum key charge
  4.  Friendly UI
physical interfacesUSB×5,MicroSD(TF)×1,gigabit ethernet×3,RS232 serial port×1
display12' industrial color HD touch screen
rated voltageAC220V
rated power33.6W
key charging rate≥600Kbps
log capacitylast 30 days


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