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QCD-300 Low-noise Near-infrared Single-photon Detector

The QCD-300 Series Provides Low-noise Single-photon Detectors which are optimal for quantum cryptographic applications. The detector responds from 900 ~ 1700nm, with the repetition frequency as high as 100MHz, and the gating window as narrow as 300ps. The detector is compactly designed so as to acquire high stability and reliability. Moreover, the user interface is friendly to operate with.

  1.  Low-noise
  2.  High gating frequency
  3.  Gating frequency is determined by external trigger and can adapt flexibly different frequency 
  4.  Effective gating width 300ps typically, dark counting and after-pulse are reduced
  5.  Adjustable width of detecting gate and adapting different light source and system
  6.  Multiple detectors module integration (up to 4 channels), small volume and low cost
  7.  Optical strong light alarm function
  8.  Touch screen and ethernet control
  1. Single-photon counting 
  2.  Quantum key distribution (QKD)
  3.  Fluorescence analysis
  4.  Precision spectroscopy measurements
  5.  Weak light detection
  6.  Laser radar (LIDAR)
  7.  Single-photon source analysis
  8.  Optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR)
fiber connector typeFC/PC, FC/APC
gating frequency10 ~100MHz
output pulse width> 20ns @ 20MHz
photon detection efficiency10%--20%
maximum count rate 


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