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QCC-20X Universal Multi-channel Coincidence Counter

QCC-20X Series universal multi-channel coincidence counter which has been developed independently by QuantumCTek, is a Series of general purpose pulse counters. It supports 1 to 8 channels inputs. The discrimination level and delay of each input channel can be individually configured. It allow multi-channel independently counting and 2~8 channels coincidence counting. QCC-20X Series is suitable for general pulse counting and detection of multiple concurrent event, and scientific/engineering research, education, development, industrial inspection, test&measurement, and other applications.

  1.  Single/mutiple channel counting and coincidence counting
  2.  1 to 8 channels available    
  3.  Simultaneous, independent counting. counting mode and counting time can be set individually 
  4.  Variable width of coincidence gate
  5.  Coincidence counting time can be set individually
  6.  Discrimination level of each channel is adjustable
  7.  Delay value of each channel is adjustable 
  8.  Counting results can be cached, or be uploaded in real time 
  1.  Universal pulse counting
  2.  Quantum optics and quantum information science   
  3.  Scientific research, education, R&D of enterprise 
  4.  Industrial inspection, test and measurement 
  1.  405nm pumping laser
  2.  635nm or 810nm laser
  3.  Optical frames and lenses
  4.  Optical power meter probe
  5.  Laser protective spectacles
  6.  Experimental tool sets
  7.  Bread board and mechanical component


input signal0 To 3.3V pulse signal input pulse width > 1ns
maximum repetition frequency100mhz
coincidence gate signal outputLVTTL level variable pulse width pulse width > 1ns
counter modesingle counting multiple counting continuous counting


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