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QCC-100 Multi-channel Photon Detection and Coincidence Counter

The multi-photon coincidence is a measurement method that it counts two or multi-photon hitting events in the time coincidence by electronic method. This method is widely applied in the optical measurement and quantum related field of scientific research and experiment. When two photons are simultaneous (or fixed difference of delay) detected, it outputs a coincidence pulse to count. As an important technical method of modern experiment, coincidence measurement plays an essential role in many fields. 

QCC-100, which has been developed by QuanumCTek, supports multi-channel coincidence measurement counting. The method of coincidence is optional according to common logical operation, which adopts silicon avalanche photodiodes with ultra-low dark counts as single-photon detecting method. QCC-100 also provides a USB interface for transferring detecting data to computer for further processing. The system is simple and practical and suitable for various scientific research as an experiment platform by using coincidence counting.

  1.  Multi-channel coincidence counting
  2.  Adjustable coincidence mode
  3.  Low dark counting
  4.  Low accidental coincidence
  5.  Adjustable coincidence gate width 
  6.  Adjustable discrimination value 
  1.  Time-resolved measurement of multi-photon 
  2.  Single-photon interference 
  3.  Two-photon interference
  4.  Nuclear physics and high energy physics
  5.  Linearly optical test
channel number of coincidence2
detection wavelength400nm ~ 1060nm
fiber connector typeFC/PC , FC/APC (optional)
dark count rate<250Hz
coincidence gate width<10ns
detection efficiency40% @ 810nm


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