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High-speed Quantum Key Distribution Terminal

QKD-POL1250 series are high-speed QKD terminals launched by QunatumCTek with fully intellectual property rights. This series of products adopt decoy-state BB84 protocol and polarization coding scheme. The working frequency of the quantum signal transmitting or receiving is up to GHz level, and can meet the requirements of quantum key distribution over a long distance.

This series of products are 19-inch 4U standard rackable enclosure, and suitable for the engine room environments. With the superiority of high speed key generation rate and long distance transmission, QKD-POL1250 are mainly used in backbone network and intercity network.

QKD-POL1250 can be divided into two types: QKD-POL1250A (Transmitting in simplex mode), and QKD-POL1250B (Receiving in simplex mode). The two types can be connected together to execute QKD process, and provide quantum secret key, that cannot be decoded or eavesdropped, for the encryption service.

  1.  QKD protocol:BB84 protocol with decoy-state method and polarization coding
  2.  High key rate: the speed of quantum key distribution leading among peers
  3.  Long-distance key distribution: support quantum key distribution under a distance longer than 100 km
  4.  Quantum safe:Against attacks such as photon beam separation attack,light blinding attack and double counting attack
  5.  Channel Adaption:Quantum channel polarization automatic correction
  6.  Hardware implementation:FPGA implementation of QKD protocol & data processing algorithm
  7.  High reliability platform:  ATCA carrier-grade architecture,and redundant design with dual power supply,dual fans and etc
  8.  Easy maintained facility:  Blade structure and device-level log management
  9.  Convenient expandability:  System compatible with third party and provide diverse configuration
  10.  Strict key randomness:  Conform to the specification of the State Cryptography Administration
  1.  According to each facility’s function, this series of products can be divided into two types: QKD-POL1250A (Transmitting in simplex mode), QKD-POL1250B (Receiving in simplex mode)
  2.  According to different detector type, this series of products can be divided into two types: based on Gated-mode APD single-photon detectors, based on Up-Conversion single-photon detectors
    1.  Long-distance (inter-city) quantum key distribution. The products have been practically applied in thousands of miles of quantum communication networks so far
    2.  High-speed quantum key distribution under short-distance low-attenuation condition


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