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High Brightness Entangled Photon Pair Source Based on PPKTP Crystal

The APCM-100FR module provides single-photon detectors in the visible region. The detector adopts Si-APD as the sensor to offer high efficiency with low dark count rate. The integrated module features high stability, maintainability, testability, extendibility and environment compatibility. The module can be useful in many domains such as quantum mechanics, quantum cryptography, astronomical observation, medical, biology, physics, chemistry, communication, etc.

  1.  High brightness
  2.  High entangled visibility
  3.  Low accidental coincidence counting
  4.  Stable operation over time
  5.  Portable and miniaturization design
  6.  PC software
  7.  Good maneuverability and expansibility
  1.  Entangled photon source
  2.  Single photon source
  3.  Bell's inequality test
  4.  Quantum teleportation
  5.  Quantum computation
  6.  Quantum key distribution
  1.  405nm pumping laser
  2.  635nm or 810nm laser
  3.  Optical frames and lenses
  4.  Optical power meter probe
  5.  Laser protective spectacles
  6.  Experimental tools
  7.  Bread board and mechanical component
pump power>3mW
single photon intensity>100kHz/mW
entangled photon intensity>20kHz/mW
polarization contrast of H,V>30:1
polarization contrast of P,N>15:1
destruction degree of Bell's inequalityS>2.5


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